Conjurer? I, the Warhammer Psyker

Conjurer? I, the Warhammer Psyker


325 Chapters Ongoing Status


Keywords "Spell Return", "Simulator", "Warhammer 40K", "Complex"
When he learned that his dependent sister had a pancreas, neither the magic world nor modern medicine could do anything about it.
Through [Warhammer Simulator] I got the power from the warp - psychic energy
Psychic power is the key to ridding my sister of the curse.
I'm crazy about raising my psychic level
But what I waited for was my sister’s cold body.
She died, not from a curse but from a man-made disaster.
Can attend the funeral
When I returned to my former home, I found my sister sitting at the dining table as usual, waiting for me to return from work.
But I haven’t had time to rejoice yet
A horrifyingly twisted face suddenly appeared in front of me
It's my sister!
The "monster" who was crying with blood gently touched my face
Opened his mouth full of fangs
That's it, dead sister
Came back as a [cursed spirit]
【Warhammer Simulator】
Current D-level simulation: Flesh Hound, Green-skinned Grand Technician Head
C-Class Simulation: Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus
B-Class Simulation: Archmagos of the Mechanicum of Mars
Advanced simulations such as Primarch, Four Vendor Champions, Star God, Ancient Sage, etc. have not yet been unlocked.
Volume One: Conquering the Demons Volume Two: The Great Expedition
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