Douluo: Steal Tang San's luck and become stronger!

Douluo: Steal Tang San's luck and become stronger!


489 Chapters Ongoing Status


They all say that they would rather be Xiao Yan's younger brother than Tang San's brother.
After traveling through time and becoming the eldest twin brother of Tang San, Tang Lan expressed that he was not panic at all.
Turn on the "Tang San's Luck Looting System" and rob Tang San's Luck to become stronger!
Directly absorb the 100,000-year-old Blue Silver Emperor soul bone, and then awaken into the only Blue Silver Emperor!
Snatch Xiao Wu and become his wife,
Seize the grass jelly to build a team,
Stealing the inheritance rights of Poseidon,
Stealing the throne of God Shura,
Years later,
Tang Lan, who became the God King, looked at the aging Tang San.
"I'm sorry, mistress, I have two divine statuses, so I can only take my parents to the divine world."
"As for you..."
"You can only blame yourself. You didn't practice hard enough!"

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