Genshin Impact: I smashed a Fufu at the beginning

Genshin Impact: I smashed a Fufu at the beginning


104 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Leisure article + golden dragon appears in the Year of the Dragon, auspicious + fufu + sweet + good-looking]
"Ah, Villette, please help me!"
In the sky above Fengdan, with the surge of energy, a golden meteor struck from nowhere, and the impact point was directed at Momang Palace.
Villette went to stop him but was blocked by a golden dragon that rushed out.
Paimon: Ying...did you just draw the lottery? But why didn't it end up here?
Ying: What? Are there any gold ones in the lottery? !
Funina: You are the secretary of this water god, I can do whatever I want to you!
Qianzhi: Yixi is a pretty good person, but it’s a pity that he has a long mouth.
Villette: It's a little more worry-free than Fonina, but only a little.
Zhongli: In terms of universal rationality, what you said above is right.
Hutao: Zhongli, please leave us alone. I’m going to play with Yixi first~
Clolinde: What, the original water god of Fontaine was actually you? !
Navia: He is such a reliable person and very gentle.
Arecino: Mysterious, elegant and unpredictable.
Yi Xi: Low-key, everyone is low-key, who are you asking me? Descendants of the Dragon!

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