Dislike Uchiha? I, Uchiha, don’t play anymore

Dislike Uchiha? I, Uchiha, don’t play anymore


1123 Chapters Ongoing Status


Introduction: Uchiha Natsuki obtains the power system, revives Uchiha, and creates the strongest force in the ninja world. Exclude me Uchiha? Sorry, we quit! Whoever the garrison likes will go! "Come, Itachi, I will teach you how to awaken the Eternal Kaleidoscope." "Kakashi, White Fang's death was the mastermind of Danzo, and the Third Generation connived at it. Why do you have any other reason to sacrifice your life for Konoha?" "Shiro, your actual combat ability is too weak. , enter the Tsukiyomi space to practice for a few years." Sorry, we Uchihas have a kaleidoscope per capita, who can fight in a group these days? Get on my shoulder! Otsutsuki is about to come and destroy the world. There is something wrong with you still striving to be the Hokage, Danzo: "We must never let Uchiha gain power."


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