Martial Arts Emperor

Martial Arts Emperor


3149 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Highly recommended, exciting fantasy: The single female protagonist in this book is extremely passionate, burning, and decisive in killing, and she will never be frustrated! 】On the day of their engagement, Ye Yan, a young man, was ridiculed by his fiancée Yun Feiyue, who was pregnant with the Holy Body: "Between saints and mortals, you are just a dog in this world!" Then he tore up the marriage contract in public, and even destroyed what Ye Yan's father had left behind. His only relic, the spirit sword, trampled the dignity of the Ye family under his feet. ​

When the sword was shattered, Ye Yan's strongest imperial body was unsealed. ​

At that moment, he concentrated and said: "From today on, saints are no more than ants in front of me!"

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