Spirit Plant: I have an entry panel

Spirit Plant: I have an entry panel


410 Chapters Ongoing Status


Song He, who had crossed over into the Cultivation World, awoke to a Spirit Plant Entry Panel, which allowed him to change or add enhancement entries for Spirit Plants.
【Good Birth, Good Choice】—The seeds born from this Spirit Plant have a chance to possess higher-level entries.
【More Children More Happiness】—This Spirit Plant will produce over a hundred times more seeds.
【Growth Acceleration】—Consume Spirit Stones to achieve limitless growth speed for the Spirit Plant!
【Symbiosis】—You can fuse with a Spirit Plant, gaining its power!
With the help of various entries, he created lotuses that could bear elixirs, a plant treasure integrated into the Dantian like an immortal tree, rampart-like cities of Lumen Flowers, and endless fields of rice...
Countless cultivators coveted them, all hoping to obtain his unique Spirit Plants!

Farming + Entry system.

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