Villain: My Brother Is The Chosen One

Villain: My Brother Is The Chosen One


1391 Chapters Ongoing Status


"The cheap villain + Shuangwen + black belly + easy + old sixth + no morals" Qin Feng traveled through the ancient times and became the eldest young master of the Qin family. The second twin brother is also the legendary son of heaven, and he has a unique bone. . I thought I would be able to hold my second brother's thigh and reach the pinnacle of life, but he encountered an unscrupulous system and told him that he had a future as a villain.

"Ding Dong, dig out my brother's supreme bone and get the invincible double pupil!"

...Qin Feng: What a joke, those are my beloved relatives, brothers and sisters...

Jie Jie Jie Jie, my stupid Oudoudou, Are you feeling hopeless? Since then, the entire wasteland has castigated him for his unscrupulous use of power, but when the truth was exposed, countless people were moved to tears, Qin Feng has not been easy all these years...


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