Job change for all: Necromancer! i am a disaster

Job change for all: Necromancer! i am a disaster


315 Chapters Ongoing Status


The game comes to reality, the rules of the world are subverted, and human beings have entered the era of job change for all.

Monsters are raging! There are countless secret realms, dungeons, and abysses!

Horror and treasure coexist! Danger and opportunity go hand in hand!

Only become a job changer! Upgrade and become stronger! Stand on top of the world!

On the day of the job change, Lin Moyu became the only hidden profession, Necromancer.

Obtain god-level talents, and only level 1 talents can enhance all skills by 10 times.

Obtain a god-level passive skill, and transfer all damage to summoned objects.

Since then, the summoned objects will never die, and Lin Moyu will never die.

“Endless god-level skeleton warriors!”

“Billions of Lich Mage!”

“Countless undead bone dragons!”

“Can you bear it?”

Under the curse, the gods turned into bones.

The corpse exploded, the sky turned upside down, and the world collapsed.

“I sit high on the throne of bones, walking between life and death.”

“I am the natural disaster!”


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