Agent Time Travel: Apocalypse in the Magical World

Agent Time Travel: Apocalypse in the Magical World


263 Chapters Ongoing Status


Introduction: Because of a misunderstanding, the strange agent Qin Xiaoxian traveled across a different continent and came to the world of magicians. At first glance, it was just a counterattack and growth of a useless magician, fighting for dominance. Later, a huge conspiracy and a very imaginative mystery of the soul will be revealed. . Qin Xiaoxian: What? Is the mage physically fragile? Come on, come on, why don't you get up close and fuck me? ! ! ! Let's watch the legendary story of a strange melee mage who breaks through the impossible, defeats his opponents, and finally solves the shocking conspiracy. Special reminder: If you want to watch the exciting beginning, there is no need to come in and waste your time. There are no three golden chapters, thank you! Friendly reminder: unpopular setting, retro writing style, single chapter


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