Travel Elf: My Pokémon becomes stronger in another world

Travel Elf: My Pokémon becomes stronger in another world


917 Chapters Ongoing Status


Introduction: This is an earth where elves and reality merge. Jiang Li, who owns the system, leads the elves to travel to different worlds and learn various powerful skills! In the King of Heaven Challenge, Jiang Li threw the Poké Ball and Charizard used the lava fruit ability and used the Molten Release - Spiral Shuriken! The King of Hercules asks for leave to use the Eight Gate Dunjia! Rayquaza uses the finishing touch, uses the secret technique of the Reincarnation Eye, Gengar Gengar uses Susanoo, and Bulbasaur uses the Wood Release - The Arrival of the Tree Realm! Gengar and Bulbasaur use the powerful equipment-Wood Release-Thousand Techniques True Hand! Flash Gardevoir Super Evolve! Use the Tenseigan - Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion! Metagross uses the Thunder Escape Armor and the Flying Thunder God Technique! The day of challenge


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