Long Live, The Patriarch Is Taking Concubines Again!

Long Live, The Patriarch Is Taking Concubines Again!


569 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling through the Fantasy world, Li Su, who has poor Spiritual Roots, accidentally obtained the multi-child multi-blessing system.

With each additional offspring, his lifespan will be extended and the Cultivation Base will be able to grow.

The cultivation of future generations will also feed back to Li Su.

Therefore, in order to live forever and become a god, Li Su can only take concubines and create humans crazily.

When others are cultivating crazily, Li Su is taking concubines.

When others are fighting to death for cultivation resources, Li Su is still taking concubines.

"You have lived a long life, the ancestor has taken a concubine again~"

His descendants spread throughout the Sacred Lands, the heavenly worlds.

When one day, a fairy came down to earth to destroy the Li family, but was pressed to death by Li Su with a finger, everyone knew that this person was either taking a concubine, or he was on the way to take a concubine. The ancestor of the Li family was so terrifying!

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