Saving Uchiha starts by flipping the table

Saving Uchiha starts by flipping the table


749 Chapters Ongoing Status


The migrant worker Hiko traveled through Hokage and became a member of Uchiha, but the timeline turned out to be three years before the night of genocide.
It happened that the village's suspicion and wariness against Uchiha reached its peak.

Factions in the family are fighting for power, high-level surveillance, and villagers' misunderstandings. Everything is happening just like the original novel.
If Yan doesn't act, the final outcome will be that the whole family will be sent to the coffin by the filial son Itachi!
Death begins, it is better to seek help from others than from yourself!
Yan can only start to save himself!
Faction fighting? Then cut out the factions!

Targeted by high-level officials? Then replace a group of senior executives!
If internal rescue doesn't work, then tear the hole open from the outside!
Tsunade was pushed to the position of Hokage, and he was Tsunade's most powerful arm!

But what he never expected was that this girl Tsunade would run away from the village in order to force him to become Hokage!

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