The God-Level Prodigal Son of the Tang Dynasty

The God-Level Prodigal Son of the Tang Dynasty


1808 Chapters Ongoing Status


Zhao Chen, who traveled through the Tang Dynasty with his system, originally wanted to be a salty fish. When I have nothing to do, I farm and go fishing. Unexpectedly, one day, a middle-aged man who called himself Lao Li suddenly came over and said that he would take Zhao Chen back to the palace to become the prince. Zhao Chen, "Being a prince is boring. Why don't I provide the skills and you pay for it? Let's do blacksmithing at home first!" Lao Li waved his hand, "Blacksmithing is good. Exercise and pay for it." Zhao Chen, "Why don't we do some digging? The canal benefits the people." Old Li Tou "Okay, give me money." Zhao Chen "Why don't we pave the way..." Old Li Tou "Give me money." Zhao Chen "How about..." Old Li Tou "Give...what, the treasury Empty?" Seeing that he had saved the treasury for ten years through frugality, and now even a few mice had starved to death, Lao Li angrily scolded Zhao Chen for being a prodigal. But he didn't expect that the next day, Old Li Tou would see Wan Guo coming to court and said that he wanted to meet His Highness the Crown Prince...

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