Universal Creation: Start A God Simulator!

Universal Creation: Start A God Simulator!


1852 Chapters Ongoing Status


Creation + Simulator + Farming + Lord Adventure

Su Bai travels to a world where everyone becomes the creator, and everyone can have a chance to open up the seeds of the world once an adult!

Some people have opened up the mechanical realm and climbed to the sky in one step, and more people have failed and blew themselves up and died!

At a critical moment, Su Bai awakens the God Simulator, which can infinitely deduce the future of the world. There are more supernatural talents to choose from.

Giant Beast Bonus: The white talent can greatly increase the size of the creature and give birth to all kinds of rare giant beasts.

Fire of Civilization: Purple talent, which greatly enhances the intelligence of creatures and gives birth to civilization.

Omnic Ascension: Orange talent, machines and machines have a chance to give birth to self-awareness.

Mythic Synthesis: Orange talent, can synthesize all kinds of special life through materials!

All Heavens and Ten Thousand Worlds: Golden talent, which can randomly draw fantasy characters from all worlds!

So when other people are careful to manage the world, lest they be destroyed, Su Bai has already stood under the world tree and conquered the multiverse with the army of dragons and angels under his command!


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